Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail Dallas

Your guides to Direct-Mail, today and tomorrow.

PrintMailPro has decades of experience creating successful campaigns. By utilizing new technologies and strategies with time proven methods, it’s a foundation we continue to build upon.

  • Eye-catching design sets you apart
  • Targeted mailing lists increase your response rates
  • Variable data speaks to the direct needs of each prospect
  • Integrated cross-media marketing takes your mailing to the next level
  • Take Advantage of Every Door Direct Mail
  • USPS expertise provides lower postage rates and maximum pieces delivered
Offers bring them through your doors. Put your contact information in their hands. Send your message directly to your audience.

Direct mail offers the opportunity to speak directly to your market. On its own, or combined with a cross-media strategy, it remains a potent way to get your message out.


Our highly trained marketing staff can provide you with a variety of customized mailing lists designed to meet your specific needs.

You can also enjoy the versatility of sending encrypted data to us using a variety of methodologies and media for presorting, CASS certification, NCOA processing, file conversion and customized data manipulation.


We presort in-house, giving you the option of intelligent barcoding for expanded capabilities. With in-line address ink jetting and printing, we can handle everything from the smallest postcard to the largest boxes.

USPS guidelines are constantly changing. We are up-to-the-minute on regulation compliance. This ensures the highest levels of postal acceptance, moving your mail quicker through the system to final delivery at your customer’s mailbox.