From statement inserting, product packaging and presorting, to NCOA and CASS certification—we have the facilities & tools to turn around your project while maximizing time & cost factors.
A proven method
Our highly trained marketing staff can provide
you with a variety of customized mailing lists
designed to meet your specific needs.

You can also enjoy the versatility of sending
encrypted data to us using a variety of meth-
odologies and media for presorting, CASS
certification, NCOA processing, file conversion
and customized data manipulation.
We presort in-house, giving you the option of
intelligent barcoding for expanded capabilities.
With in-line address inkjetting and printing,
we can handle everything from the smallest
postcard to the largest boxes.

USPS guidelines are constantly changing.
We are up-to-the-minute on regulation compli-
ance. This ensures the highest levels of postal
acceptance, moving your mail quicker through
the system to final delivery at your customer's
We can provide you with time-saving,
efficient and cost-effective fulfillment
services. Whether you need high volume
intelligent statement inserting or product
packaging we have the equipment, space
and experience you need.

All fulfillment is accomplished in-house
quickly and accurately with the highest
quality assurances during all phases of work.
• Automation and hand inserting
• 50,000 sq. foot facillity
• Warehousing of your collateral
• Added reliability with in-house
   equipment support and
   replacement parts on-site

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