Keep your customers updated with
with an interactive element—email
marketing. Get your message out with an email newsletter sharing
the latest news or offers.
Another level of communication.
PrintMailPro.com's marketing team
works with your current email lists
or assists you in purchasing one.
Use the lists to complement mailing
campaigns or as a stand-alone method
of communicating with your customers.

• Employ your logo and colors in custom
   designed HTML enabled emails
• Send and track responses
• Include links to drive traffic to your site
• Pair offers with your mail campaigns
Our team will guide you through
the steps to a fully integrated
email solution.

Email is an increasingly effective way
to communicate with potentional customers.
However, with today's privacy regulations,
it can be a tricky avenue for advertising.

You can be confident that our lists
are reputable and opt-in compliant. With
millions of names and searchable options,
we can craft a campaign aimed at almost
any consumer or business.

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