Direct mail offers the opportunity
to speak directly to your market.
On its own, or combined with a
cross-media strategy, it remains a
potent way to get your message
A proven method
Your guides to Direct Mail,
today and tomorrow.

PrintMailPro.com has decades of
experience creating successful cam-
paigns. By utilizing new technologies
and strategies with time proven meth-
ods, it's a foundation we continue to
build upon.
• Eye-catching design sets you apart
• Targeted mailing lists increase
   your response rates
• Variable data speaks to the direct
   needs of each prospect
• Integrated cross-media marketing
   takes your mailing to the next level
• Long standing relationship with USPS
• USPS expertise provides lower postage
   rates and maximum pieces delivered
Offers bring
them through
your doors.
Put your contact
information in
their hands.
Learn more about
combining your direct
mail campaign with
Personalized URL's.
Send your message
directly to your

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